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Packing for antarctica

Packing for Antarctica

Packing for Antarctica

Packing for Antarctica is tricky, especially if you are flying back directly at the end of the trip without an overnight stay in Buenos Aires. There are very strict baggage limits on the charter flight to Ushuaia. At the same time, there is a fair amount of bulky gear that you need. I was also kayaking so needed some additional gear for that. And, add in all the cameras that you want to take (DSLR, tripod, underwater camera, batteries, chargers) and you pretty much are at the weight limits (20 KG/44 lbs. for check in luggage and 5kg/11 lbs. for carry on).

I drove Reggie crazy packing for Antarctica and re-packing to make the weight limit. After jettisoning some stuff, I finally I got it exactly right. I was glad that I did because I saw other passengers at the weigh-in who were scrambling to reduce their stuff.

Recommendations for Packing Antarctica

My recommendation for packing for Antarctica–have an extra day in Buenos Aires at the end of the trip so you can leave some stuff at the hotel if needed.

Figure out how to pack as lightly as possible. Everyone wears their clothing multiple times so you don’t need as much clothes are you think. There is also laundry onboard if needed.

Don’t skimp on the waterproof pants–you’re definitely regret that. And, most operators give you a very warm parka so you’ll save space and weight by not packing one. You’ll need a good amount of layers underneath. And, you definitely don’t need snow pants. Waterproof pants over thermal layers is just fine.

On the camera gear side of things–I had multiple batteries and that is useful. Rechargeable batteries lose their charge pretty fast in the cold and keeping a spare in my inside pocket proved very useful. And, a waterproof case for your smart phone is very handy.

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