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Sailing through the western Galapagos Islands with Wilderness Travel on the SS Mary-Anne (16 passenger sailboat) was a bucket list trip. We sailed around the western Galapagos islands, hiking, kayaking and snorkeling every day.

Sea lions swam playfully with us. Sea turtles joined in as well. We watched birds feeding their chicks. Marvelous blue footed boobies. Male Frigates with their red sacs inflated to attract females. And, huge marine iguanas sauntering on the beach. Experiencing wildlife up close was amazing. They had no fear of humans.  I was so lucky to have a fantastic international group of fellow travelers with the best trip leader.  We all immensely enjoyed our time together and could not have asked for a better grouping of travelers.

Crossing the Equator

Crossing the equator is a special experience. Historically, it was a right of passage for sailors. Once a seaman crossed the equator for the first time, he (or she) transformed from a slimy pollywog to a trusty shellback. This ritual dates back at least 400 years. Our tour leader, Mr. Jan Tiddo Post, suggested a ceremony for us to mark the moment. We chose to write and recite haikus and/or limericks reflecting our trip experiences.  Below are mine.

Galapagos Island Haiku & Photos

Tortoise on Galapagos Islands

Lumbering tortoise

older than a grandmother

clumsy when it walks


Snoozing Sea Lion

Sleeping sea lion

dozing where the people sit

Is there room for me?


Red Crabs on volcanic rock

Crabs crawling around

shells like fine art with designs

nature’s own museum